About Us


We are a Canadian company with a life time experience and art in developing, creating and formulating natural personal care products purely from natural ingredients. The trend to replace harsh chemicals from personal care products is growing day by day and we are a part of that team which is developing these products. We formulate personal care products from ingredients which are derived from natural seeds, leaves, roots, sprouts of different plants, herbs and shrubs.

Our art and innovation is to combine low molecular wright natural active ingredients which absorb quickly in the lower skin layers. Our innovative personal care products are regenerative, nourishing, repairing and restoring which give soft, smooth, bright and younger looking skin. Our Pharmacists and phytochemistry experts work vigilantly to choose best natural ingredients from the whole word to bring them together to formulate one of the best products in the market. Our research and development team keeps close eye on the latest research being done on botanical and natural ingredients in the leading universities of the world and we take full advantage of this research. It is our passion to bring science closer to the nature.


Our mission is to develop innovative natural personal care products which may help to keep our body and skin safe from atmospheric pollutants, weather changing factors and from the obnoxious effects of harsh chemicals. Our products are developed with purely natural ingredients which help to restore your natural look and beauty.

Exploring the hidden treasure in nature is our passion and bringing life close to nature is our mission.