1.       Do I need tonner or exfoliate before serum application?

Right tonner or exfoliate is good to use before application of serums. Exfoliates and tonners removes the oil and dust from the skin and open the clogged skin pores.

2.       Are your serums safe for all types of skins?

YES, all our serums are safe for most of the skin types

3.       What is difference between your Age Defying Serum and Vitamin C Serum?

Lizo Age Defying Serum is combination of natural extracts like Siberian Ginseng root extract and other natural ingredients which improve cell to cell communication. Lizo Age Defying Serum visibly reduces the aging signs by boosting the production of Collagen and elastin while Vitamin C serums fights against free radicals, reduces aging spots and gives light and radiant skin. 

4.       What is the difference between the Vitamin C Serum and the Hyaluronic Acid Serum?

Hyaluronic Acid serum hydrates the skin and nourishes it by giving extra moisture to the skin. Skin cell regeneration process is better when skin is hydrated as compared to the dry skin. Aging process in dry and dull skin starts earlier as compared to hydrated and moisturized skin.

Vitamin C serum fights against free radicals and give strength to the skin against pollutants and free radicals. It also helps to boost the production of Collagen and elastin in the skin. It also lightens the skin and gives radiant and smooth skin. 

5.       How much serum should be used at a time?

Serums are loaded with highly absorbable active ingredients. A few drops of serum are enough to make a thin layer on the skin.

6.       Can I use Lizo Ultra Moisturizing Serums before or after the facial or other makeup applications?

Yes, you can apply a thin layer of Ultra Moisturizing Serum before facial or other makeup applications.

7.       Would it be recommended to use the Hyaluronic Acid Serum right after using Vitamin C Serum?

Yes, both can be used in the same sequence, but must not be mixed together on palm before application. Make a thin layer of Vitamin C Serum on your skin, let it dry for few minutes and then apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

8.       How quickly should I be expecting results with your Serums?

Lizo serums are best formulation of all Purely Natural Ingredients and work smoothly without any harmful effects on the skin. You can see visible results in 3-4 weeks.

9.       How quickly and deeper these serums can penetrate below the skin surface than other skin care products?

Our serums are made with naturally active highly absorbable ingredients. These serums are able to penetrate quickly into the deeper layer of the skin.

10.       Are your serums compatible with retinol or Vitamin A?

Yes. All of natural ingredients used in our serums are compatible with Retinol or Vitamin A.

11.       In which sequence or order should I be applying my other skin care products with my serums?

First of all cleansing, Exfoliate or Tone your skin, let the skin dry for few minutes then apply a thin layer of serum and then again few minutes to let it dry and finally apply moisturizer and you are ready to apply your regular skin care products.

12.       Can we use these serums around the eye area?

These are very useful for eye area skin as well. Serum should be used very carefully so that it may not fall into the eye.

13.       Are your products tested on animals?

Lizo products are CRUELTY FREE and NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS at all.

14.       Do these products contain parabens?

All the lizo products are free from harsh chemicals including parabens.

15.       How long usually it takes to deliver the products purchased from amazon?

It really depends on your account and which shipping option you chose at the time of purchase i.e. same day, 2 days, 3-5 days delivery etc. Normally Amazon email you tracking ID of all your orders, if you do not receive your products within the time given by amazon, you should contact amazon customer services.

16.       What are the most important ingredients used in LIZO Vitamin C Ester Serum?

We used very advanced form of Vitamin C (Vitamin C Ester) in our serum. Our Vitamin C Ester serum also has Vitamin B3 and Vitamin A, makes the formulation stronger and effective for better results.

17.       Do I need to refrigerate my serum?

Our serums are quite stable at room temperature. Serums can be stored in refrigerators to maintain efficacy for longer period.

18.       What is the average life of your serums?

Average shelf life of our serums is upto 2 years from the date of purchased.

19.    Why does your Vitamin C serum not irritate?

Because we are using Vitamin C Ester Serum instead of regular Vitamin C. The Ester is more refined advanced form of Vitamin C, which is not irritating and tingling.

20.    Can I use your serum at any specific time either day or night?

Our Serums can be used at any time of the day preferably be used at night for smooth absorption and excellent results.

21.    What is the level of strength & quality of your Hyaluronic Acid Serum?

We use cross polymer of Hyaluronic Acid which is more potent form of Hyaluronic Acid. It has 50 times more water absorbing capacity and 5 times faster penetrating ability as compared to simple Hyaluronic Acid available in the market.

1.       What type of Vitamin C you use in your Vitamin C Serum.

We use light stable and oxygen stable form of Vitamin C which is water soluble and absorbs quickly in the deeper layer of the skin.

2.       Can I use your products if I'm pregnant or breast feeding?

Products do not have any harm in these conditions but it is advisable to consult your doctor before use in these conditions.

3.       Where can I buy your products?

You can buy these products from our website


www.Amazon.com (USA - coming soon)

www.Amazon.ca (Canada - coming soon)